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Large Winter Gift Box


  • Eco-friendly Gift

  • HandMade

  • Cold-Saponified Emollient Soap

  • Vegan & 100% Natural

  • Organic Essential Oil Scent


With winter and Hanukkah approaching we prepared a pampering, warming and perfect gift box with citrus fruit fragrances for this time of year.

The gift box includes:

– A handcrafted wooden soap dish

-Orange, bergamot and cinnamon soap

-Olive oil, rosemary and green clay soap

-Handcrafted candle based on soybean oil (non-hydrogenated) with a petitgrain bigarade fragrance

-250 ml bottle of quality olive oil

-Dried flower bouquet

-Small wooden dreidel

-Soap pouch

– Designed greeting card

Orange, Bergamot and Cinnamon soap

Pampering and warming soap with a sweet and powerful fragrance. The soap is made of 72% quality olive oil, Ayurvedic orange powder to refresh the skin and bitter orange essential oil that has antibacterial qualities and adds radiance while renewing the skin. In synergy with bergamot and cinnamon essential oil the soap envelopes and calms the body.  


Olive oil, coconut oil, sodium nitrate, orange power, bitter sweet essential oil, bergamot essential oil, cinnamon essential oil.


Olive Oil, Rosemary and Green Clay Soap

The soap is made of 80% olive oil from the 2020 Galilee olive harvest. Combined with purifying green clay to disinfect the skin the soap provides maximum moisture to your skin. In synergy with lemongrass and rosemary essential oil the skin is renewed and refreshed.


Olive oil, coconut oil, sodium nitrate, ground dry rosemary, green clay, rosemary essential oil, lemongrass essential oil.   


Handcrafted Petitgrain candle

Handcrafted candle based on soybean oil (non-hydrogenated) with a petitgrain bigarade fragrance. Petitgrain essential oil promotes relaxation and harmony. A perfect candle for the winter months.


Non-hydrogenated soybean oil, petitgrain essential oil.



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